Saturday, March 10, 2007

well, maybe we wont be busy with those things.

night has fallen and we have started to work on the scene that we set up last night. We did a lot of things today but most of them were not the things I said we were going to do. Sam made the wise observation that if we worked to hard during the day that when it came time to light and shoot the scene during the evening then we would be to tired to do it properly. So after the design work was done and the band practice was completed we:

- Ate lunch (Del Taco)
- Played cards (crazy 8's, memory, and speed)
- Watched movie trailers (Grindhouse)
- Joked about seeing a movie (Reno 911: Miami, or 300)
- Played scrabble (Malachi beat me with "PITY" on a 2x word score)

Now that it is dark, work has commenced on the scene. Malachi and I got the lights set up while Sam worked on putting finishing touches on the characters (Stonefish and Dio). Now that the lights are up there is nothing much for me and Malachi to do. So I am writing this while Malachi goes with Brit to get dinner. Sam is still working on the characters but when he is done we can shoot this thing and be done. Hopefully we will be done at a decent hour.

(wow a post of record length)

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