Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Production Photos 6: Misc. Characters

Production Photos 5

More pictures of the cantina in progress. These are from this weekend and show things coming along nicely.

Production Photos 4

These are the beginning stages of the set for the interior of the cantina. The base is about 30" by 40" and the walls are between 12" and 20" tall. The set is designed so that the walls can be removed and shots can be made from any angle. I am pretty proud of the stairs.

The Storm After The Calm

As most of you have noticed it has been a while since I had a post on this here interweb thingy. There is no excuse for lackadaisical behavior. Since I last posted I have been busy with many things, most (but not all) of which have been centered around my friend Stonefish.

In order to make up for the lack of posts in the past weeks I will be presenting you with a tsunami of posts today which hopefully will keep you satisfied until I can get back into the swing of regular posting.

Well, here it goes...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Construction has commenced

This morning I started on the set for the interior of the cantina. before she went to work Brit.keiko helped me by taking me to Home Depot in her RAV4 to get the wood for the foundation. Since Sam and Malachi and I had already designed and measured most of it out last week all I had to do was figure out how to build it. Easy right?

Well its 2:30ish and I am taking a food break. Hopefully I can keep working for the rest of the day and make some more good progress.

I'll post some process pictures as soon as I take them.

Monday, March 12, 2007


I hope you enjoy the production photos that I have posted. I can promise that there will be many more to come. Also, please make some comments on any of these posts so far. I would love to know who is reading this (I have almost no idea) and what you like to see. All you have to do is click on the "Comments" link right below the post. I have changed the settings of this blog to allow for annomous comments so please post your name. Or, if you have a Gmail account you can sign in with it on the comments page and post that way.

Thanks for reading,


Special thanks to Paul Ward for posting the first and only comment so far.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007

well, maybe we wont be busy with those things.

night has fallen and we have started to work on the scene that we set up last night. We did a lot of things today but most of them were not the things I said we were going to do. Sam made the wise observation that if we worked to hard during the day that when it came time to light and shoot the scene during the evening then we would be to tired to do it properly. So after the design work was done and the band practice was completed we:

- Ate lunch (Del Taco)
- Played cards (crazy 8's, memory, and speed)
- Watched movie trailers (Grindhouse)
- Joked about seeing a movie (Reno 911: Miami, or 300)
- Played scrabble (Malachi beat me with "PITY" on a 2x word score)

Now that it is dark, work has commenced on the scene. Malachi and I got the lights set up while Sam worked on putting finishing touches on the characters (Stonefish and Dio). Now that the lights are up there is nothing much for me and Malachi to do. So I am writing this while Malachi goes with Brit to get dinner. Sam is still working on the characters but when he is done we can shoot this thing and be done. Hopefully we will be done at a decent hour.

(wow a post of record length)

Before and During, After to follow

These are some panoramics that I took of the Art Wedge. The first one is before the construction started and the second one is during the construction. Construction is now complete for this stage of the expansion, but I have yet to take a panoramic of the New Wedge.

I tried to make these pictures bigger but I think blogger has a maximum pixel width that isn't so compatible with these really long pictures.

Tomorrow, another busy day...

Today we finished putting together the set for the lighthouse shot which will end up being the final shot in the film. Tomorrow night we will light and shoot it. But before that can happen Malachi and Sam have band practice and I have to finish some design work. Then we can finish planning the set for the interior of the cantina and go to Home Depot to get the wood so I can start building it. After it gets dark we can light and shoot the scene that we set up today. A lot of different things happening in a short ammount of time and it doesn't help that Malachi got sick last weekend and Sam and I are getting it this weekend. Fortunately "it" is only cold and not the flu that has been going around.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Shot two complete, fatigue sets in

Last night (or early this morning) we completed the second shot for Stonefish. It took a while to make the set but we were all pretty happy with the results. It is an establishing shot of The Drunken Fish cantina that will only last something like 12 seconds. For the rest of this weekend we we are working on planning the interior of the cantina and building the set for the next shot which will take place after the interior of the cantina. We are tired and kind of grumpy. Sam however denies it. I don't know how much more work we will get done tonight, maybe none...

...maybe we will watch Science of Sleep.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Video Sketch 001