Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brookings, OR - Super8mm

Brookings, OR - Super 8mm from Paul Hoppe on Vimeo.

I shot this footage while on vacation in Oregon last July. They were shot with my grandfathers 1965 Yashica Super-8 25 on KODAK EKTACHROME 64T Color Reversal Film. It features my brothers (David and Steven) and the beautiful Oregon Coast.


Scallywag said...

This is so amazing!

Malachi Ward said...

The footage turned out great! Of course the awesome foggy beach didn't hurt.

Danica said...

When Martians dig up the content of your film, they are going to be confused as to what era you and your brothers come from because the style of footage will match their primary body of evidences from the 1960s; but when they carbon date your body they will discover that you were born, like, 20 years after that. I, personally, this it's unwise to screw with Martians like that, Paul. Shoot digital.

Malachi Ward said...

You should post this at Traveling Neighborhood!