Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wouldn't it be just like me to...

...get sick. Yes folks, the night before last it started out as a sore throat but then quickly escalated to a fever (with all the aches and pains that it so graciously provides). I spent that night tossing and turning in my bed deathly afraid of being splashed with cold water by a little girl (who laughed in between splashes) and with random parts of Wilco's "Heavy Metal Drummer" looping through my head.

Fevers do weird things to your brain.

But now I am getting better. The fever is gone and I now only have exhaustion and a sore throat to contend with. I took a couple of videos that I am planning on editing and posting soon. But for some reason the ISP at the house won't let me access YouTube. I can't even view the videos on my own blog. Hopefully by the time I finish editing the videos I will feel well enough to go to a place that has free wireless and I can upload them there.

It is David's birthday today and I think we are having some of his friends over for dinner or something like that.

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas

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