Saturday, April 7, 2007

Mike's and Geocaching

Yesterday was spent sitting around the house recovering from my trip. I ate some delicious mangoes and pineapple (the fruit here is amazing) and sat under the air conditioner.

Today however we had our first day out on the town. Mom and Dad had some errands to do in the morning for which we stayed home but when they got back we piled into the van and drove the 1o minutes into central Chiang Mai.

We ate lunch at Mike's (hailed by some as the best American food in town) and then walked down the street looking for the Geocache that we had looked up on the Internet that morning. What? you don't know what a Geocache is? Well, then you had better read this because I don't have time to explain it myself.

We found the cache with out too much trouble as it was in plain sight in a store (no I won't tell you which one). We were hoping for more of a challenge, but it wasn't to bad for our first one. Hopefully we can hide our own later.

oh yeah, pictures...

Mike's! (proud supporter of Comic Sans)

The GPS unit leading the way past a taxi parking lot and a building that is several hundred years old.

Detail shot of a really old wall (taken from the car as we were speeding past)

Steven navigating with the GPS unit

Sam, always happy to be photographed.

More stuff later!

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Malachi Ward said...

2 hours! It's good to know you won't ever have to wait more than 2 hours for a bacon hot dog.